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Various tests with Soft Shackles


In this article we will be discussing the results of various random tests we have done with soft shackles. There are a number of random things we were curious about during our testing and so we did a few tests that were not well controlled. The results of these tests should be taken with a grain of salt as we have nothing to compare them to, but it's good to have the data regardless.


Methods and Results

All of these tests were done using soft shackles using the Diamond Knot Method (see here: http://www.animatedknots.com/softshackle/) using 3/16" Amsteel Blue (coated green) from Samson Rope. This line has a rated capacity of 5,400 lbf and can be seen here: http://samsonrope.com/Pages/Product.aspx?ProductID=872.

Test 1 - Straight to Black Diamond Nut

Straight to BD Nut

The first test we did was straight to the wire on a black diamond nut. We first tested a very old nut that was rated at 6 kN (1,350 lbf). The wire snapped at 1,450 lbf and then the soft shackle was broken afterwards at 5,728 lbf. There was some minor damage done to the soft shackle at the point where it was connected to the wire (visually inspected).

The second sample we did was to a 10 kN (2,250 lbf) wire. The wire broke at 2,994 lbf and then the soft shackle was tested to 5,400 lbf. There was extremely minor damage done to the soft shackle at the point of connection to the wire. This wire was quite a bit thicker than the first wire we used.

Test 2 - Straight to TriCam Webbing Slings

Nylon Sling 2

Nylon Sling

The second test we did was straight to the nylon sling on a TriCam. We removed the nylon slings and connected them straight to a steel shackle on one side and to the soft shackle on the other side. The first sample snapped the nylon sling at 3,200 lbf and the second sample snapped the nylon sling at 3,800 lbf. We did not break the soft shackle after this.

Test 3 - Straight to a Spanset

The third test we did was to setup a soft shackle straight to a purple spanset. The soft shackle broke at the knot at 7,503 lbf. No visual damage to either the spanset or soft shackle at the point of connection.

Test 4 - Straight to a Rigging Loop on Adjustable Anchor Webbing

The fourth test we did was to rig a soft shackle straight to one of the rigging loops on our Adjustable Anchor Webbing. We rigged the webbing between two soft shackles and pulled it to 3,816 lbf. The webbing and soft shackles were still intact at this tension, which is very near the breaking strength of the rigging loops on the webbing. The throw on the break test machine was maxed out at this point so we could not pull any further.


Pictures of Results

Broken Wire from Nut Broken Wire from Nut
Nylon Sling Connection Nylon Sling Connection
Nylon Slings Broken Nylon Slings
Spanset Connection Directly to spanset



These results were quite interesting to see. Even though there is not much to base off of, it's good to see how these samples performed in these harsh tests. Each test we run on soft shackles raises my confidence in their ability to perform.

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