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Slack Science, powered by Balance Community: Slackline Outfitters, is a blog run by Jerry Miszewski about slacklining. He offers tips and tricks to various parts of setting-up, taking down, in-depth looks at various aspects of a setup, and hints at walking slacklines.

Jerry's long history with the sport of slackline has given him a wealth of knowledge that he loves to share with his fellow slackliners. Slack Science is a place anyone and everyone to come and learn about our wonderful sport of slacklining.

Field Testing
Field testing gear is an important aspect of testing the gear we use for slacklining. There are certain aspects of gear that can only be discovered when using them in the field. Within this category, you will find posts and articles relating to the field testing we do with the slackline gear offered in the BC shop as well as other gear we use for slacklining and highlining.
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Gear Testing
Gear testing is an important aspect of our sport. From the very basic constructs of what slacklining is, we must rely on our gear to practice the sport we love. For this reason, testing the gear for strength, efficiency, durability, and various other aspects, is of the utmost importance. In this section you can find articles discussing the various gear tests that we perform on the items sold in the Balance Community Shop or that are commonly used by slackliners around the world.
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Physiology and Slacklining
Slackline being such a physical sport, there are various physiological concepts that go hand-in-hand with it. Within this category you will find articles discussing the many parts of physiology that mate well with slacklining and balance in general.
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Rigging Concepts
As the sport of slacklining and highlining change over the years, so do the ways we setup our lines. With constant new innovations to the gear and webbing we are using, we have to adapt with new rigging techniques. In this category, you will find articles discussing various rigging concepts applicable to slacklines or highlines. In-depth analysis of specific rigging techniques, pros and cons for different methods of anchoring and setup, and other various theoretical and real-world rigging techniques.
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Testing Procedures
Procedures by which we test our products after and during the manufacturing process to ensure quality, reliability, and safety. The results of these tests can be found on the product pages of the products they are related to (usually in the form of a specification). Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions about any of these testing procedures or if you would like to know the results of any of them for a specific product.
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