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Shackle Line-Locker

The Shackle Line-Locker is a inexpensive, strong and reliable way to anchor your slackline webbing. Compatible with webbings from 11/16" all the way up to 1-1/4" wide. This is one of the most versatile webbing anchors out there!

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Product Name Stock Price Qty
Shackle Line-Locker - 1/2" 885
Shackle Line-Locker - 5/8" 958
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The Shackle Line-Locker is an excellent alternative to adjustable webbing anchors such as the AWL. It works great as the tensioning side of your line as well as the static side as it attaches directly to any of the Pulleys that we offer in the shop. A bomb-proof method of attaching your line to your anchor, whether it be a highline, or just a line in the park.

Note: the 1/2" Line-Locker Kit is meant for the tensioning side and the 5/8" Line-Locker Kit is meant for the static side due to the sizes of the shackles and how they interact with the other components within the setup.

The Shackle Line-Locker Kit comes with the following components:

  • One Van Beest Anchor Shackle
  • Two 1-1/2" I.D. Steel Rings
  • 3.5 feet of 1-1/2" Tubular Webbing for sleeving
  • The 5/8" version comes with a replacement bolt to keep the rings centered on the bolt

The Shackle Line-Locker is characterized by the following features:

  • Moderate strength retention in most types of webbing (up to 85% retention in nylon webbings).
  • Attach webbing directly to the pulley system or your master-point.
  • Uses ready made components to achieve a high-strength anchor point.
  • Uses protective sleeve in order to protect your webbing from sharp points within the shackle


MBS 89.0 kN (20,000 lbf)
WLL 7 kN (1,573 lbf)
Weight 684 - 1,784 g (11.7 - 62.9 oz)


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