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Selma Fid

An excellent tool for splicing 12-strand and double-braid ropes. Made from polished stainless steel with a line-catch on the inside to make splicing easier than ever before!

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Selma Fid - 4.0mm (3/16") 8
Selma Fid - 5.5mm (1/4") 2
Selma Fid - 7.5mm (5/16") 99988
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Polished stainless steel fids have a unique design with a catch on the inside, which grabs the strand and removes the need to tape the rope to the fid. These Norwegian-designed fids are popular around the word for splicing marine lines, and will work great on hollow braid 12-strand, double-braid, and 3-strand ropes.

Three sizes available. Choose the size that corresponds to your rope size (1/4" fid for 1/4" rope, etc...).





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