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SBI Pulley Set - Classic

  • Good for Entry Longlines - Easily rig lines up to 300 feet in length

  • Integrated Brake - No extra brake needed with these pulleys

  • Works with 7/16" Rope - Optimized for 7/16" (11.1mm) nylon rope

  • Strong as an Ox - High strength steel makes these durable and super strong pulleys

The SBI Pulleys are a fantastic it for entry level longliners or those looking for a versatile and durable pulley system.

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The Slackline Brothers Inc. (SBI) Pulleys are a fantastic entry tensioning system. These pulleys come with an integrated brake, which makes them the most economical and easy to use pulley system out there!

This kit comes with one pulley that has an integrated brake (Big Brother) that also has a becket for attaching the rope. It also comes with one pulley without a brake and no becket (Small Brother). These two pulleys combined give you a 4:1 or 5:1 pulley system, depending on how you set them up.

The pulley housing and brake lever are cast from 17-4PH Stainless Steel, which gives the pulleys a tremendously highly breaking strength. The sheaves are made from Delrin plastic, and the axle is made from hardened steel.

The simplicity of these pulleys makes them one-of-a-kind for a longline tensioning system. Their durability makes them able to last for many years. Their interchangeability allows for easy upkeep if you ever need to change out a sheave, axle, or brake.

The SBI Pulleys are a must for any slackliner that wants an easy tensioning system that's portable and works for lines up to 6-8 kN (around 100m - 330 feet).

Assembled in the US.


MBS 44.5 kN (10,000 lbf)
WLL 8.9 kN (2,000 lbf)
Weight 1,090 g (38.4 oz.)






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