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Rock Exotica 1.5" Omni-Block Pulley - Double

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A versatile and robust pulley for tensioning slacklines up to 400 feet long.

  • Versatile Swivel - Makes rigging a breeze, often eliminating several connectors

  • Openable Side Plates - Install the rope without removing your pulleys from the anchor

  • Rounded Edges - No connector needed at the becket, just tie the rope straight to the pulley!

  • Extremely Efficient - Especially efficient bearings allow smooth tensioning.

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Rock Exotica



The Rock Exotica 1.5" Double Omni-Block Pulley is a strong, robust, efficient, and versatile pulley that makes rigging your slackline a breeze. With an integrated swivel and rounded edges, you can easily eliminate several connectors from your rig and simplify your setup. The swivels make any reeving style possible without added connectors or having to worry about the orientation of the pulleys.

These pulleys are a must for the dedicated slackliner.

Made in the US


MBS 36.0 kN (8,092 lbf)
WLL 8.0 kN (1,798 lbf)
Weight 407 g (14.5 oz)






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