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  • Cathedral spires, a gap that is so obvious when you enter the Yosemite Valley. Never before was it thought that it would be walked. This was mainly due to the astronomical amount of work it would take to get the line rigged, let alone the shear size of the line. However, these things weren't enough to stop Janek, Faith, Jordan, and I from wanting to get this monster up.

  • After short rest day in Davis caused by sustained rage-time in Castle Crags, Jordan and I were off to Yosemite Valley. The destination which consists most of our goals for the trip. It was really awesome to get back to the Valley after 3 years since our last visit. I was even more psyched because this time I was going to touch Yosemite granite and do some climbing. I mean, don't get me wrong, highlining is really cool and we had and still do have lots of crazy plans on a high slackline but climbing in the Valley was always my dream.

  • It has been already a week since Faith, Jordan, Andrew and I went together to Yosemite for a two day adventure. The plan was to send 'Yosemite Falls Classic' Highline and set-up and get some practice walks on 'Lost Arrow Spire Classic' Highline. We decided for that quick weekend action because of the super-windy weather in Lodi/CA which made it impossible to jump and land safely at the dropzone.

  • Yesterday, I got back from a fun, short trip to Yosemite Valley with Jordan, Faith and Andrew Craig where we met up with bunch of friends and some new faces. That was really condensed trip. In two and half days we had to drive from Lodi to the Valley, hike up Yosemite Falls trail, climb and rig the Spire (finishing in a night), de-rig, pack, hike down in a night and drive back to Lodi. I will publish a post from this trip as soon as Dave is done editing some of the pictures.

  • Cascade Falls, an incredible multi-stage waterfall in Yosemite that houses one of the most spectacular highlines I've ever seen. The waterfall starts well above where the highline is and goes through a series of small tiers before the final exit of about 450 feet, which is where the highline is. At the base of the pre-final waterfall, there is a perched rock with several 1/2" bolts dedicated for this highline. This rock was meant for a highline anchor. It perks out at the perfect hieght above the final exit point of the waterfall to make for a HUGE drop.

  • Just got back from an amazing trip up to Yosemite Falls. Me, Eric, Russ, Natalie, and Alex all hiked up the falls trail to meet up with Andy, Jeremy, Andrew, and gang to do the amazing classic Yosemite highlines.

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