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  • Every year I try and make a trip out to Europe for some sort of slackline adventure. This year I decided to spend some time in Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic. It turned out to be one of the best trips i've ever been on. I met so many wonderful people, saw so many wonderful things, and walked tons of incredible highlines and slacklines.

  • Last weekend Jordan, Jerry and I had a pleasure to visit Arcada during first 'Humboldt Highline/Longline Festival'. Humboldt is mainly known from the THC (trickline competition originally started by Andy Lewis, which is on now for quite few years). It must be said even though the highlines rigged during the festival are tree-highlines they are really epic and some of them pretty exposed. Red Woods is quite magical place. Massive sequoias covered with moss, green dells coated in ferns makes it really cool experience and perfect highline spot. I had no idea that sequoias have common root system so they are one of the biggest if not the biggest living organism on our planet (!)

  • I am here in US for few days already and so far the trip was really nice even though Jordan and I didn't make it yet to one of our main targets, which Lodi/CA. After arriving in Tacoma/WA we had a few chill days. Jordan got a bit sick so it wasn't as active as we planned (meaning no bouldering or climbing) but we managed to organize few important things for our trip, pack and we even went for a short slacklining session. It was kind of weird to slackline after almost 2 months brake but it helped me to realize how much work I have to do. It is time to get back on it!

    Together with Jordan we went to Chambers Bay Park to set up a line on this amazing structure. I think Jordan was thinking about setting this line for quite a while but apparently someone already did it before us and he was in EU for really long time too. It was really nice to do this line together at his home spot. I wish the park had some big trees - it would be such an amazing longline location. We had only few hours to sesh the line but Jordan was able to take some nice pictures. We also used my fresh green Type-18 webbing from Balance Community for the first time and I must say it's a great line. You can check few pictures from or session ...

  • If we can trickline on 100m longlines and 100m high highlines...what isn't a trickline?? :)

  • So you want to move onto bigger and more powerful lines, but don't know where to start? Here is a guide to walk you through exactly what you need to get started!

  • A small demo of slacklines setup in a beautiful park in Prescott, Arizona. Several people came out to try slacklining for their first time!

  • Set up my RAGEline at 65' (20m) long and about head-height...then of course I had a 5-hour chill POWERSESH :)

  • What happens when I try to not trickline...

  • After nearly no planning, a group of friends from the Bay Area came into Sacramento this past weekend and we all setup 5 longlines. It was a great session that lasted most of the day. The park that we went to was completely covered in mud, which made it so no one else wanted to be there. We got the whole field to our selves, which worked out perfectly! The length and type of lines we had rigged are as follows:

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