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  • Last month Jordan and I had a free weekend and decided to start ticking possible highline spots off our urban highline list in Berlin. We did some research on the internet together and found this amazing spot - old abandoned chemical factory. Looking at the pictures online we definitely saw potential of the place but it turned out to be even better then expected.

    We packed our haulbags full of gear and took of quite early at the morning (at least for us it was early start). After driving for a while we finally saw two big chimneys sticking out on the horizon. The excitement level reached its ceiling. We were speculating how big it is, how long, if there is a ladder to top, is it strong enough and so on. I definitely felt like a kid going to do something I should not do ... and actually it was totally justified feeling as we were going for illegal ninja highline action.

  • Every year I try and make a trip out to Europe for some sort of slackline adventure. This year I decided to spend some time in Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic. It turned out to be one of the best trips i've ever been on. I met so many wonderful people, saw so many wonderful things, and walked tons of incredible highlines and slacklines.

  • Despite bad weather outside the window it was finally time to start highline season 2012. We need to be fast with realization of our projects because of the (next) upcoming end of the world J. I had to stop my ‘heavy-longline training’ for sometime because of a especially low temperatures. It was a great opportunity to kick my own ass training hard at the climbing gyms, which was totally fine with me. Most of my upcoming highline projects for this year involve lots of climbing so it is good to built strong climbing base for it anyway. As the old proverb says "Every cloud has a silver lining". I couldn't stand no highlining for too long. I started to miss it pretty bad and thinking a lot about my last trip to Moab (UT, USA) where I have walked 14 different lines free solo and 26 highlines in total. That was really good times.

  • The story about the first highline in the High Tatry Mountains in Poland.

  • … The story about the first highline in the High Tatry Mountains

    I published the story from the first highline in Tatry Mountains in GÓRY climbing magazine (9 (208) September 2011). I would like to share it with all of you so I prepared english translation. This version is slightly different from the polish original version. I am hoping you will enjoy it. The photos in the article where taken by Wojtek Kozakiewicz and Jordan Tybon. The story will be followed soon by Wojteks movie production. I want to thank my girlfriend for helping me to correct mistakes in a translation of this article.

  • I just arrived back home from an amazing two week sponsored trip to Europe for slacklining and I must say, I have never experienced anything like that before. The amount of cool people and amazing locations that we went to was incredible. For the first five days of the trip, I attended the second annual Lublin Urban Highline Festival. At this festival were some of the best slackliners in the world from all over the place which I got to meet and slackline with. What an inspiring thing to watch other slackliners doing their thing on the line, I was truely touched with the skill some of these guys had. Walking longer highlines in Swami Belts, doing crazy butt bounce combos, surfing the line hard, walk the lines at night, the list goes on and on of what these guys are capable of.

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