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  • The last project from Moab, Erotic Narcotic, accomplished over three days along with a new aid route 'Dubstep Ladder' from andy. The weather was not ideal but it made for fun times and nice pictures, so we hope you enjoy!

  • A few climbing pics from so called 'rest days' and after dinner sessions at Brent's place in Moab.

  • So finally we have the first gallery from the Moab trip 2011. Stay tuned for more soon :)

  • This year our team (minus Kwjet) traveled to Moab, Utah for our third year in a row of GGBY, the annual highline gathering in the desert. Janek and Faith drove from Texas, while Jordan flew into Salt Lake City. It was a long drive, lasting about 25 hours due to our less than speedy vehicle, Rambo. I took a route through the Texas panhandle, cutting diagonally through New Mexico, which took us through reservations and long expanses of ghostly empty land.

  • It has been a historical time in the age of Slackline. Two new lines, two men, two incredible records. In the past few weeks there has been a stir in the slackline community because a set of new lines has broken barriers in our sport that we thought were still a ways off. Thanks to an incredible new webbing that goes by the name Spider Silk, we were able to reach these limits much faster than anticipated.

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