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  • During Janek Galek and Jordan Tybon's trip to the US, they visited this new area that had never seen any highline activity. The post is called Castle Crags and it's situated very close to Mt. Shasta right off Highway 5. I've driven by this place quite a few times, but I never had a chance to to visit the place to check it out.

  • During our short visit in Ashland were we stayed together with Scott Balcom for couple days we made a plan to go explore and establish new highlines in Castle Crags. He recommended to us using words like; epic, beautiful, unexplored, forgotten or remote. Just two of these coming out of Scott's mouth was enough to get our immediate attention. Even though the schedule of our trip was already pretty tight we were stoked to re-organize our schedule for this exciting adventure. I was a bit afraid it might be a bit too ambitious because as we learn establishing new stuff is always way more work then repeating existing spots but it is also way more exciting, rewarding and besides we are pretty experienced and good in it already. It was decided then, we were going to storm the Castle!

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