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  • For the past month or so, Grant Thomspon and I have been establishing a new highline in a new area close to Davis. Four weeks ago we went to go scope this new area for line potential, and man oh man is there a TON of spots at this place! I am so excited to see this place get developed over the next few months/years with a bunch of new highlines. It's great because you can get some massive exposure fairly close to my hometown of Davis.

  • Ever since I moved to the Sacramento area about 8 months ago, I have been itching to find some local spots to setup a highline. I was initially very skeptical about ever being able to find one because this area is so gosh darn flat! After reading up online about a few different climbing areas around Sacramento, I decided I would go checkout a few spots along the American River when it's quite rocky. After about 8 hours of driving around and scoping differents spots, I found the perfect place to rig an amazing highline. A few days after finding this spot, I had already measured the gap on Google Earth, set the anchor points with Chris, and gotten a team together to rig this baby. Unfortunately we had about 8 weeks straight of heavy rain fall that caused a major delay in the project. But once the weather was good, it was go time!

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