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  • After exhaustively training the 1,260 for a solid week, we decided we needed a break from monster lines. It was time for a regular longline session in the park. We setup a 620 ft. (189m) with Spider Silk and a 198 ft. (60m) line with Type-18. Chris and I both sessioned the crap out of these lines. We put the anchors too low on one side of the 620 footer, so we were on the grass in the middle, but we were both pushing our bounces to the limit. Walking the 1,260 for a week straight had made us both better slackers.

  • With nothing but time on our side, Chris and I decided that we should devote an entire day to training the transition stage of the line, which was the only part we are both having trouble with. We thought the best way to do this would be to rig the line lower and only walk out maybe 400 feet or so. This is exactly what we did. We put the anchors about 3 feet lower on both sides and set the line to the same tension that we had it at the day before (which was absolutely perfect) and just walked the transitions as many times as we could.

  • After much discussion and a lazy morning, Chris and I decided that we would rig the big line again on Monday, even though the best walking time had already passed. We got started at about 3 pm, which put us about 6 hours behind schedule! Luckily, we had the rigging down from the last time and we had the line up in under 45 minutes. The bad news was that the wind started to pick up right when we were done rigging! This made for some interesting attempts on the line.

  • What a day it was for the 500m Project. I was scoping around for a new place to rig Uber Longlines when I stumbled upon a field which has gaps ranging from 615 ft. all the way up to 1,625 feet! The best part is, the ranger in charge of the area does not care if we use this land for our project. This was music to our ears because we now have a place where we can rig lines incrementally up to 500m and not have to worry about access issues.

  • While I was taking care of some business at the office I get a text message from Chris saying he found a park where we could rig lines easily over 2,000 feet long. After reading his text, I started to get extremely ancy and anxious to get out and setup such a longline. So, I started measuring gaps on Google Earth to see what kind of lines we would be dealing with. It turns out that this park can accomodate lines up to 1,450 ft. long! I was so stoked...

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