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Ryan Robinson - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete

About Ryan

About Ryan

Ryan Robinson - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
Name Ryan Robinson
Birthday October 2, 1982
Height 5'10"
Weight 162
Started Slacklining December 7, 2011
Current Location Sacramento, CA
Website http://www.ryanrobinson.ninja
Twitter @ryanprobinson
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ryanprobinson

I first stepped foot on a highline about 4 years ago at a local climbing gym. I immediately slipped off, sliced my leg and decided it was stupid. A few years later I stumbled upon the Flight of the Frenchies movie and watched it about 50 times. My mind was changed, and blown. Before this I had been involved in a lot of cool stuff – mountaineering, climbing, bike trials, competitive triathlons – and I knew right away that this was next on the list. After some digging I found Balance Community and met Jerry Miszewski and Chris Rigby... I was inspired. From that day on I studied everything I could find, quit my job and spent all of my money on gear (not recommended), combined that with the athletic discipline I'd developed and have been on a line almost every day since. I have had some amazing highlining opportunities including several photo/video projects with Ford Motors, Jaybird Headphones, Subaru, GrindTV as well as an EpicTV series called Lines in the Sky. The best part is that this is only the beginning! My list of projects is long and my stoke is high. I've met the most amazing people and the passion I have for the sport keeps me going and motivated to build the community and sport for years to come.

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