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Preston Bruce Alden - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete

About Preston

About Preston

Preston Bruce Alden - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
Name Preston Bruce Alden
Birthday April 13th, 1986
Height 5'8"
Weight 170 lbs
Started Slacklining 1998
Current Location Davis, CA
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/preston.alden

Although I have been slacklining for a long time it has only been in recent years that I was introduced to the slacklining community. Before this there were many backyard sessions on tubular webbing, ahhh the good ol' days. My first highline was by a chance meeting with Grischa "Simon" Ruler in southern Thailand. After I saw what could be accomplished with a pulley system slacklining started to takeover my life. Now I like to focus my slacklining on expedition style highline trips. For me there is nothing more satisfiying than establishing remote, beautiful, and naturally anchored lines. In the past few years I have been cultivating my technical skills with friends and mentors like Jerry Miszewski and Chris Rigby. My greatest projects have been with other adventure loving souls including Braden Mayfield, Maxwell Sterling Silver, and brother Jared Alden. My approach to highlining is artistic and meditative. It is a medium in which every landscape becomes my temple and my canvas. Ultimately I enjoy combining my love of wild places with my passion for travel, rock climbing, and of course slacklining. As a wildlife biologist who studies native montane red fox I spend a lot of time in the mountains. These are special places to me. The most meaningful lines of my career have been the projects in the mountains were we use traditional natural anchors. I enjoy the entire process, particularly the challenges associated with such efforts. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward. "The Mountains Are Calling" - John Muir "I'm Coming!!!" - Preston Bruce Alden

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