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Jerry Miszewski - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
Jerry Miszewski - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete

It all started when I began slacklining on my 21st birthday in 2007, I was instantly hooked the moment I stood up on the line. I went out and bought my first slackline from the local climbing shop. I learned quick and was able to walk 50 ft. lines within the first couple of weeks. I then began trying longer and longer lines and soon came to the point where I needed new gear to facilitate the lengths of lines that I was capable of walking. I then pondered the idea of starting my own slackline company during my highline tour in the summer of 2009. Balance Community was then born in August of 2009. From then my passion for slacklining has been taken to a whole other level. Over the past few years I have brought Balance Community to the point where it is now a staple within the community. During this time I have also continued to push myself on longer and longer lines. Recently I walked the first highline that was longer than 400 feet (120m). I've also walked 6 highlines longer than 100m in length and several longlines longer than 300m. I have plans to continue to push myself in the longline and highline realm for years to come while maintaining and growing Balance Community to be a full fledged highline and slackline brand.

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  • A 1,003 foot highline across the entire Cosumnes River Gorge.

  • Back in 2010 when I moved to the Sacramento area, I was a bit worried that I would not be able to highline as frequently as I was before. For the past few years I had a set of dormant volcanos within walking distance of my home that I could go setup a highline on whenever I had spare time. Sacramento is as flat as it gets, not a mountain around. However, after a few hours of searching online, I soon discovered that the foothills of the Sierras were a short drive away. This very large area of land was riddled with potential locations that I could setup many different highlines. One place that stood out in particular was the Cosumnes River Gorge (CRG), which was just south of Placerville, just 40 miles East of Sacramento.

  • Every year I try and make a trip out to Europe for some sort of slackline adventure. This year I decided to spend some time in Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic. It turned out to be one of the best trips i've ever been on. I met so many wonderful people, saw so many wonderful things, and walked tons of incredible highlines and slacklines.

  • During Janek Galek and Jordan Tybon's trip to the US, they visited this new area that had never seen any highline activity. The post is called Castle Crags and it's situated very close to Mt. Shasta right off Highway 5. I've driven by this place quite a few times, but I never had a chance to to visit the place to check it out.

  • Cathedral spires, a gap that is so obvious when you enter the Yosemite Valley. Never before was it thought that it would be walked. This was mainly due to the astronomical amount of work it would take to get the line rigged, let alone the shear size of the line. However, these things weren't enough to stop Janek, Faith, Jordan, and I from wanting to get this monster up.

  • For the past month or so, Grant Thomspon and I have been establishing a new highline in a new area close to Davis. Four weeks ago we went to go scope this new area for line potential, and man oh man is there a TON of spots at this place! I am so excited to see this place get developed over the next few months/years with a bunch of new highlines. It's great because you can get some massive exposure fairly close to my hometown of Davis.

  • What a weekend this past weekend was! Chris, Preston, Ryan, Susan, and I decided we wanted to rig the 451 foot gap that we established the previous weekend. I got pretty close to sending the line the first time we rigged it with just 3 falls on one of my 6 crossings. I was very confident that I could get across this line with zero falls!

  • Just a regular day setting up our favorite highline at Cosumnes River Gorge. Chris Rigby and I just happened to run into a few reporters from NBC and ABC who were interested in getting footage of us on the line.

  • After months of preparation (mainly done by Chris Rigby), several weeks of planning, and coordination with many people, we finally put together our first Balance Community hosted slackline festival. Rightly named The Balance Community Backyard Highline Festival, it was an event to be remembered.

  • What a crazy adventure the last two weeks have been! I got to attend the Vibram Natural Games in Millau, France for the first week of my trip, then the second half was spent in the unworldy Gorges du Verdon. I will try and recap the entire trip into this blog post, but I am unsure if I can describe the amount of fun that was had.

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