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Jediah Doohan - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete

About Jediah

About Jediah

Jediah Doohan - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
Name Jediah Doohan
Birthday 12 Feb 1992
Height 6'
Weight 155 lbs
Started Slacklining 2011
Current Location Hampshire, UK
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/jed.doohan

In early 2013 I started highlining. For the previous year and a half I had been discovering the joys of slacklining close to the ground. The sensation of having to keep steady concentration combined with a state of relaxation appealed to me. Taking this activity up high changed everything for me. My priorities shifted as I realised that more than anything I wanted to immerse myself in the visceral feeling of love and solace that highlining facilitates. Since then I have spent my time travelling and training around Europe. I’m based in the UK and thanks to slacklining i’ve been to many incredible places. I’ve been to a lot of highline festivals and have met many amazing people, from all over the place, who have had their eyes opened by the process of pushing through fear and reaching euphoria. I love that highlining has such an extraordinary risk to reward ratio when done correctly and that the stoke of fellow highliners is shared and cumulative. I want to continue to help push the scene in the UK and aid it to reach it’s full potential. I’m extremely excited about exposed/ long/ heavy/ bouncy/ loose highlines and I want to continue travelling, slacklining and spending time with wonderful people at beautiful locations.

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