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Jan Galek - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete

About Jan

About Jan

Jan Galek - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
Name Jan Galek
Birthday 09 Aug 1988
Height 5' 7½"
Weight 147
Started Slacklining 2005
Current Location Berlin, Germany
Website http://balance-is-key.blogspot.com/
Twitter @Jan_Galek
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/jangalekathlete

When I started slacklining I wasn't the first but definitely one of the few in my country. I had no guidelines or help from anyone so the first experience and trying to figure out how to walk the line was lets say at least quite a journey. I got a bit frustrated but it was too late, I was already with that new thing which suppose to be rest-day activity from climbing. I took it really seriously and I think I can say I am a precursor of slacklining in Poland. Over the years I have visited most popular highline areas and put up many new ones in USA (including places like: Yosemite, Moab, Joshua Tree etc.), Europe (for example Meteora in Greece, Czech Republic, Germany) and Mexico (Baja). I had a chance to be the first Pole to send legendary “Lost Arrow Spire” Highline (Yosemite, 2007). Last year (2013) I got to free-solo this beautiful, high and exposed line. On my tick list you can find one of the worlds best highline and longline sends, but also some decent achievements in tricklining. So far I walked around 500 unique highlines from which 83 of them were free-solo. I was a special guest during multiple slackline festivals, won many slackline contests in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. In my free time I works as a editor of the “Slackline Corner” section inside GÓRY climbing magazine. Being part of elite highline team Somewhereelseland and BC Pro-Team makes my proud. I also co-operate with a polish slackline team called Slackhouse.

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