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The Balance Community PRO Team is a set of athletes that are dedicated to pushing the sport of slacklining to the limits. Our athletes not only take the sport to new levels with the things that they do, but they also promote our wonderful sport in such a way that the general public sees it as a positive thing. We look for the athletes that are creating a great name for our sport and themselves with the things that they do. Together with our athletes, Balance Community is taking slacklining to new heights as well as collaborating with some of the best slackliners in the world to create the top notch products that we offer.

Check out the BC PRO-Team Athletes below. You can view their profile and personal blogs by clicking on their profile.

  • Jerry Miszewski - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Jerry

    It all started when I began slacklining on my 21st birthday in 2007, I was instantly hooked the moment I stood up on the line. I went out and bought my first slackline from the local climbing shop. I learned quick and was able to walk 50 ft. lines within the first couple of weeks. I then began trying longer and longer lines and soon came to the point where I needed new gear to facilitate the lengths of lines that I was capable of walking. I then pondered the idea of starting my own slackline company during my highline tour in the summer of 2009. Balance Community was then born in August of 2009. From then my passion for slacklining has been taken to a whole other level. Over the past few years I have brought Balance Community to the point where it is now a staple within the community. During this time I have also continued to push myself on longer and longer lines. Recently I walked the first highline that was longer than 400 feet (120m). I've also walked 6 highlines longer than 100m in length and several longlines longer than 300m. I have plans to continue to push myself in the longline and highline realm for years to come while maintaining and growing Balance Community to be a full fledged highline and slackline brand.

    Location Davis, CA
    Joined January, 2011
  • Jan Galek - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Jan

    When I started slacklining I wasn't the first but definitely one of the few in my country. I had no guidelines or help from anyone so the first experience and trying to figure out how to walk the line was lets say at least quite a journey. I got a bit frustrated but it was too late, I was already with that new thing which suppose to be rest-day activity from climbing. I took it really seriously and I think I can say I am a precursor of slacklining in Poland. Over the years I have visited most popular highline areas and put up many new ones in USA (including places like: Yosemite, Moab, Joshua Tree etc.), Europe (for example Meteora in Greece, Czech Republic, Germany) and Mexico (Baja). I had a chance to be the first Pole to send legendary “Lost Arrow Spire” Highline (Yosemite, 2007). Last year (2013) I got to free-solo this beautiful, high and exposed line. On my tick list you can find one of the worlds best highline and longline sends, but also some decent achievements in tricklining. So far I walked around 500 unique highlines from which 83 of them were free-solo. I was a special guest during multiple slackline festivals, won many slackline contests in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. In my free time I works as a editor of the “Slackline Corner” section inside GÓRY climbing magazine. Being part of elite highline team Somewhereelseland and BC Pro-Team makes my proud. I also co-operate with a polish slackline team called Slackhouse.

    Location Berlin, Germany
  • Ryan Robinson - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Ryan

    I first stepped foot on a highline about 4 years ago at a local climbing gym. I immediately slipped off, sliced my leg and decided it was stupid. A few years later I stumbled upon the Flight of the Frenchies movie and watched it about 50 times. My mind was changed, and blown. Before this I had been involved in a lot of cool stuff – mountaineering, climbing, bike trials, competitive triathlons – and I knew right away that this was next on the list. After some digging I found Balance Community and met Jerry Miszewski and Chris Rigby... I was inspired. From that day on I studied everything I could find, quit my job and spent all of my money on gear (not recommended), combined that with the athletic discipline I'd developed and have been on a line almost every day since. I have had some amazing highlining opportunities including several photo/video projects with Ford Motors, Jaybird Headphones, Subaru, GrindTV as well as an EpicTV series called Lines in the Sky. The best part is that this is only the beginning! My list of projects is long and my stoke is high. I've met the most amazing people and the passion I have for the sport keeps me going and motivated to build the community and sport for years to come.

    Location Sacramento, CA
  • Preston Bruce Alden - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Preston

    Although I have been slacklining for a long time it has only been in recent years that I was introduced to the slacklining community. Before this there were many backyard sessions on tubular webbing, ahhh the good ol' days. My first highline was by a chance meeting with Grischa "Simon" Ruler in southern Thailand. After I saw what could be accomplished with a pulley system slacklining started to takeover my life. Now I like to focus my slacklining on expedition style highline trips. For me there is nothing more satisfiying than establishing remote, beautiful, and naturally anchored lines. In the past few years I have been cultivating my technical skills with friends and mentors like Jerry Miszewski and Chris Rigby. My greatest projects have been with other adventure loving souls including Braden Mayfield, Maxwell Sterling Silver, and brother Jared Alden. My approach to highlining is artistic and meditative. It is a medium in which every landscape becomes my temple and my canvas. Ultimately I enjoy combining my love of wild places with my passion for travel, rock climbing, and of course slacklining. As a wildlife biologist who studies native montane red fox I spend a lot of time in the mountains. These are special places to me. The most meaningful lines of my career have been the projects in the mountains were we use traditional natural anchors. I enjoy the entire process, particularly the challenges associated with such efforts. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward. "The Mountains Are Calling" - John Muir "I'm Coming!!!" - Preston Bruce Alden

    Location Davis, CA
  • Faith Dickey - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Faith

    There is a good reason no one can agree on the definition of Slackline. Is it a sport, an Art or an exercise? Maybe it is all of them, and for me it is a lifestyle. What began as a summer activity in my hometown has turned into a life-changing, mind-altering addiction. A year after beginning slackline I came to Europe to travel and met some people who were taking it to the next levels: Longlining and Highlining. Longlining invokes extended focus-times, endurance and control despite the elements. To keep your mind focused on one feat for such a long time is a new challenge for the human mind. My current longline best and the female world record is 222m (728ft) OS OW. To create an even bigger challenge, I set my longlines up over water. The distraction of a moving surface below me adds much in difficulty. The illusion of a moving ground forces me to concentrate all that much harder, and resist the urge to fall over the same direction that the current moves. I set a new female world record for waterlining in 2013 by walking ‘The Queen Line,” a beastly 427ft waterline (130m) in France. Highlining took everything I thought I knew about fear and threw it into the sky. To stand on one inch webbing stretched across a void, with all exposure penetrating your vision and unhinging your brain, every iota of your being is telling you not to be there. This is fear and each step across that line pushes it slowly away. I set the female world record for Highlining length at 315ft (96.5m) in Ostrov, Czech Republic, record for height was in the Swiss Alps at 4000ft (1200m) from the valley. I have more than 30 free solos (walking without a safety leash), the longest of which is 28m, also a female world record.

    Location Los Osos, California
  • Jordan Tybon - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Jordan

    For me, slacklining is something absurd. I find joy in it precisely because it has no direct value; it is not in any way necessary. We do it simply because we love it, and we ask nothing more of it. I discovered slacklining through climbing, some friends had set up a line in the local climbing gym and I gave it a try, with little success. Yet I was immediately drawn to it and soon after purchased a piece of generic climbing webbing and two slings and began to put up simple systems anywhere I could, at my home, at work or in the park. I met Janek in Morocco in January of 2008 and was very keen to try some highlining with him, so I began to practice more often and eventually felt comfortable to walk when I met him in Poland in June 2009. Since then, I cannot stop highlinig; I have completed more than 100 highline projects, and in the future I hope to work with the team to establish more first ascents, in more alpinistic settings. Highlining and longlinig are my two passions, but I also find surf tricks to be a relaxing and sportive method of recreation. When you are out there in that enormous, unbound space, the emptiness extracts all of the seemingly important concerns out of your body and absorbs them; as against an invisible, impassable wall, you are pressing yourself against the limit of what is present, and nothing can pull you away from this awareness. From this moment onward, learning to overcome your emotions and autonomic responses, you are forced to rely on only yourself. Anxiety is transformed into focus, and unease into calm. You breathe. There is no language, no expression, only action. You are there, alive, and you are enjoying the feeling of being alive. This is pure being. It is not so much a feeling of freedom as one of an absolute presence, an unquestionable awareness of what and who you are. This is the limit and you know how you will fare, because it is only under great stress that we see who we really are.

    Location Berlin, Germany
    Joined January, 2014
  • Ben Plotkin-Swing - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Ben

    Slacklining naturally balances and combines many of my lifelong passions. It requires flow state focus and intuitive movement, while giving me an opportunity to be outside, travel to spectacular locations, and be part of a unique and welcoming community. Slacklining also connects to my life as a Ph.D. student in experimental physics at the University of Washington. In addition to walking lines, I love to understand and explain the physics of line motion and rigging forces. I started slacklining in 2004, but at that time I was focused on being an internationally competitive mountain unicyclist. Slacklining stayed in the background of my life until 2012, when I walked my first longline, and discovered that the sport was full of unexplored frontiers. The watershed moment was at the Balance Community Backyard Highline Festival in March 2012, when I walked my first highline. By the end of 2012 I had walked highlines in Yosemite, Smith Rock, and Moab. In 2013 I established my first highlines, and helped to grow the longline and highline community in the Seattle area. My goals are to keep pushing myself on ever higher, longer, and looser lines, and to continue contributing to the slackline community in Seattle and beyond.

    Location Seattle, WA
  • Sara Kaiser - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Sara

    My older brother first introduced me to slacklining when I was in 8th grade. He helped me up, I took a step or two with his assistance, and fell off. I wasn't very interested at the time and completely forgot about it until about four years later when I saw a picture that had been taken of that attempt. My eyes widened and I thought "Thats EXACTLY the kind of thing I would want to do!" I expressed this realization to my brother and then forgot again. A few weeks later, on my birthday, he presented me with my very own primitive setup. I felt there couldn't have been a more perfect present. It felt so right. I started practicing in the park by myself and with friends. One day, I was looking up new tricks to learn and came across a picture of a person highlining, a dark silhouette against a golden sunset. I froze and my jaw dropped. Highlining had never even occurred to me before but I knew all at once with my whole body that there was nothing I wanted to do more. I moved from the East Bay to Santa Cruz to study at the UC where a designated slackline area brought me together with many enthusiastic and ambitious people. There I met Russ Phetteplace and Eric Rasmussen who introduced my friends and me to longlining and highlining. Thereafter, the Santa Cruz slacklining community flourished. With longlines being set up at various lengths several days a week at our beloved "Meder Street Park", and periodic highlining trips being executed, I was able to practice consistently and thereby really develop my skills. I consider that to have been a rare and very special opportunity for which I am extremely grateful. Many festivals, camping trips, and Meder sessions later I have made friends with people I otherwise may never have met, seen places I may never have seen, and have had experiences more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. The people of the slackline community are welcoming, supportive, inspiring, genuine, and full of personality. From them, I have learned so much. Although I feel like I already have so much behind me, I can tell the adventures are just beginning.

    Location Santa Cruz, CA
    Joined August, 2014
  • Rafael Bridi - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Rafael

    My slackline history has been very intense in the past four years. On my first experience slacklining, I got really challenged, so I questioned myself: How can’t I get across this line? Overtime I understood that it is only a matter of balance and concentration, simple like that! The will of getting the proper balance has motivated me a lot in the beginning, but the most special was that the slackline put me in direct contact with my deepest feelings. It showed me above all, that not only are my needs and personal requirements that make me reach my goals, I realize that learning to know ourselves is the most essential of all process. The more I know, stronger, fulfilled and happy I feel. Balance has been my guideword both in slackline and in personal life. I do intend to push my limits objectively to develop even further my skills in the sport. To make it happen, it is essential to travel the world always interacting with the growing slackline community. The more time I spend with this community, more passionate I get. In Brazil I started to develop the highline in my city together with amazing friends, combining my first highlines with first stablished lines. This has made me strong and confortable with the felling of highs and exposure, and jus over a year and half of highlining I got to walk over 90 different lines all over the world. In a recent trip to Europe, where I got introduced to the slackline festival spirit, I had experienced one of the most amazing periods of my life. I got super connected with myself enjoying every minute of this three months experience. Lately Brazil is becoming a popular trend in the slackline scene, the number of people practicing rises exponentially and the gear it’s becoming cheaper and accessible. I really want to continue being part of this evolution and contribute as much as possible to build this slackline history, a practice that provides intense balance between body, mind and spirit.

    Location Florianópolis, Santa Catarina Brazil
    Joined January, 2015
  • Jediah Doohan - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Jediah

    In early 2013 I started highlining. For the previous year and a half I had been discovering the joys of slacklining close to the ground. The sensation of having to keep steady concentration combined with a state of relaxation appealed to me. Taking this activity up high changed everything for me. My priorities shifted as I realised that more than anything I wanted to immerse myself in the visceral feeling of love and solace that highlining facilitates. Since then I have spent my time travelling and training around Europe. I’m based in the UK and thanks to slacklining i’ve been to many incredible places. I’ve been to a lot of highline festivals and have met many amazing people, from all over the place, who have had their eyes opened by the process of pushing through fear and reaching euphoria. I love that highlining has such an extraordinary risk to reward ratio when done correctly and that the stoke of fellow highliners is shared and cumulative. I want to continue to help push the scene in the UK and aid it to reach it’s full potential. I’m extremely excited about exposed/ long/ heavy/ bouncy/ loose highlines and I want to continue travelling, slacklining and spending time with wonderful people at beautiful locations.

    Location Hampshire, UK
    Joined January, 2015
  • Pablo Signoret - Balance Community PRO-Team Athlete
    About Pablo

    The first time I discovered slacklining was 3 years ago, then I didn't practice at all for one year and it's only during summer 2013 that I started to spend all my free time on the line. It all began (again) from a truck webbing in the park, and step by step my lines started to get longer and longer, higher and higher... That's how I quickly arrived to highlining ! I fell addicted to the feeling of fighting against myself, trying to understand the balance and reaching the perfect control of my body : that's what pushes me to walk over my limits ! Before slacklining, I had never found a discipline where I could spend time with the community that was as enjoyable than practicing the sport itself, and that's why I travel around for festivals and meeting countless amazing people. Slackline brings me a lot and helps me to shape my mind ! I'm super excited about crushing some heavy, long and saggy highline in the future, but I've to be careful, because if safety first, school remains second!

    Location France
    Joined August, 2015
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