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Lightweight Pulley System

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The Lightweight Pulley System is a high powered pulley system that focuses on low weight components. Don't let the weight of the system fool you though, you can easily rig lines up to 300 feet with this system!

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The Lightweight Pulley System from Balance Community is a revolutionary pulley system that has been built with weight in mind. At a total weight of just under 9 pounds, it’s one of the lightest pulley systems on the market! Don’t let the compact size fool you though, this kit is totally capable of getting lines up to 300 feet long tight!

The Lightweight has been built with very high quality components that are built to last. Even when you progress to lines longer than 300 feet, this pulley system will always have a use.

Not only is this system high quality, it’s also incredibly easy to use! Check out the following pages for information on how to setup and use your Lightweight Pulley System!

This kit comes with the following items:

Pulley System

  • Main Pulleys: 2x Rock Exotica Mini Machined Double Pulleys
  • Brake: Petzl Grigri 2
  • Static Rope: 80 ft (25m) of Bluewater 9mm ProTac Static Rope (customizable)
  • Multiplier Rope-Grab: 11" Prussik
  • Multiplier Pulley: Rock Exotica Machined Rescue Pulley

Other Components

Also included with this fantastic slackline kit is an in-depth set of instructions, written by Mr. Jerry Miszewski himself! This booklet (sent to you in PDF form) is chock-full of helpful tips for rigging that will teach you to maximize your usage of the pulley system.

Assembled by hand in Germantown, MD


MBS 36.0 kN (8,093 lbf)
WLL 8.0 kN (1,798 lbf)
Weight 5.40 kg (11.90 lbs)





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