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Fiber-Reinforced Slackline Tape

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  • Ultra Strong - Nearly 180 lbs of strength in a single layer of tape!

  • No Residue - Tape your line knowing that no residue will remain on your line

  • Doesn't Cut - With such a high strength, this tape is nearly impossible to cut or break

  • Large Rolls - Each roll comes with 55m of tape, enough for many highlines.

The ultimate slackline tape for taping your highlines! Never worry about tapes breaking again.

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Introducing the ultimate slackline tape! Never worry about your tapes breaking again with this ultra strong, fiber-reinforced, slackline tape.

At 170 lbf tensile strength, this tape is over 8x as strong as normal vinyl electrical tape and 5x stronger than any duct tape. It's virtually impossible to break this stuff with your bare hands, let alone many layers wrapped around your webbing. Never worry about your tapes breaking in high winds or big weather events again.

Not only is this stuff superbly strong, it also leaves no residue on your line after removal.

Each roll comes with 55m of tape, which is enough for approximately 180 tapes. Plenty for several highlines.

The best tape we've found for highlines due to it's high strength and durability. A great tool for the dedicated slackliners bag.

Made in Canada






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