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Feather PRO Scraps

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Scrap lengths of our Feather PRO Slackline Webbing.

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These are scrap pieces of Feather PRO.
If you are interested in ordering full-length pieces or custom lengths of Feather PRO, please visit the full product page here: Feather PRO

Introduction an all new lightweight slackline made from 100% low-tech fibers. Feather PRO is a built with the low tension highliner in mind. The webbing that was used to rig and walk the world record low-tech highline in France that was 800m (2,624 feet) long.

Boasting a strength of 27 kN and a weight of 47 g/m, this webbing has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios out there. Feather PRO is the perfect webbing for alpine projects, lightweight travel kits, and a plethora of other types of slacklines.

Not only is Feather PRO optimized for weight and strength, it also features our signature Pillowed Edges as well as the tough LineSkin resin coating. These two features make Feather PRO a dream to walk and catch on highlines.

Feather PRO has the following features:

  • A low weight of 47 g/m
  • An MBS of 27 kN
  • Pillowed Edges
  • TruRound Edges
  • LineSkin Resin Coating
  • 3-Layer Design

Made in the US.


MBS 27.0 kN (6,070 lbf)
WLL 5.4 kN (1,214 lbf)
Material 95% Polyester/5% Nylon
Weight 47 g/m (3.16 lbs/100 ft)





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