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Feather - By the Meter

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  • Very Lightweight - Perfect for the traveling slackliner

  • Low Friction - Great for soft releases and primitive systems

  • Packs Super Small - Great for a quick line in the park

  • Current Color - Black

FeatherSoft Weave Pattern

FeatherSoft Weave Pattern

This weave of this webbing is soft as a feather! Even under high tensions, the webbing feels like pillows under your feet. A great feature to have when spending a lot of time on the line.

A list of benefits of FeatherSoft Weave Pattern:

  • Tight weave that remains soft under tension
  • Tight weave ensures no snags when pulling your line across
  • Easy on the hands when flaking webbing in and out
  • And more!

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Introducing an all new webbing to the Balance Community lineup - Feather! An ultra lightweight polyester slackline webbing that is fantastic for low tension lines and intermediate longlines. Featuring a beautiful green color that stands out on all terrain and a smooth walking surface for the best slacking experience.

Ultra lightweight at just 34 grams per meter with a strength of 4,500 lbf (20.0 kN), this is a great webbing for traveling slackliners and people looking for a lightweight rig that doesn't stretch a whole lot.

Please Note: It is not recommended to use this webbing for highlines due to the low strength. If you are looking for a lightweight highline webbing, the best option is our Feather PRO webbing.

Made in the US.


MBS 20.0 kN (4,500 lbf)
WLL 4.0 kN (900 lbf)
Weight 34 g/m (2.28 lbs/100 ft)






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