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Elevated Abrasion Protection Sleeving

An elevated version of our old Sidewinder Velcro Line Sleeves with lightweight and higher abrasion resistance.

  • Easy to Install With Velcro - Sleeve edges are lined with velcro to make installation on your rig a breeze.

  • Low Friction - Urethane-coated on one face to help with snags and surface abrasions.

  • Lightweight - Made from exceptionally lightweight 1000-denier Cordura for easy carrying to your rig

  • Very Good Puncture Resistance - Strong material makes it very hard to puncture or tear

  • Available in two sizes.

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Elevated Abrasion Protection Sleeves - Large - By the Foot 5
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Elevated Abrasion Protection Sleeves - Large - By the Foot 5

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The newest line of abrasion protection sleeves, the Elevated Abrasion Protection Sleeving is a lightweight, yet extremely durable sleeve designed to protect the sensitive parts of your rig.

The edges of the sleeve are lined with velcro to allow for easy installation on your anchors and line. Simply open the sleeve, wrap your rig, and close the sleeve again.

The shiny-faced side of these sleeves is coated in a durable urethane to allow for a low coefficient of friction. This helps to prevent snags and rough surface abrasions. Ensure the shiny side is on the outside when in use!

The 1000-denier Cordura materials is especially lightweight and malleable to make for easy packing and carrying to your alpine projects.

Don't let the low weight of these sleeves fool you, they still have Very Good puncture resistance and Excellent Abrasion Resistance (they meet ISO 6945 specifications).

Sizing Information


Perfect for wrapping the line or mainline and backup on a highline. Also useful for single legs of a multi-leg highline anchor.

  • Width: 3.89" (99mm)
  • Outer Diameter When Closed: 1.0" (25mm)
  • Velcro Width: 0.75" (19mm)
    • Large

      Perfect for wrapping larger items in your rig such as multiple ropes or spansets.

      • Width: 8.97" (228mm)
      • Outer Diameter When Closed: 2.40" (61mm)
      • Velcro Width: 1.50" (38mm)
        • Made in the US.


Material 1000 Denier Cordura (10.5 oz.), with 5 mil urethane coating.
Weight 50 g/m (3.36 lbs/100 ft.)

Sleeve Specs




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