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Meet the people behind the scenes at Balance Community. Our team of 1 person is passionate about slacklining and making sure our customers get what they need.
Jerry Miszewski
Jerry Miszewski - Founder and CEO of Balance Community

Founder & CEO

About Jerry

Our founder, Jerry Miszewski aka "Slackin-Jer", is a California based slackliner, highliner, and longliner. Jerry spends most of his slacklining time pushing the limits. While trying to go higher and farther than anyone in the world on a slackline, Jerry found some problems with using non-slackline specific gear. Though these seemed like problems at the time, Jerry turned them into a blessing. Jerry started designing slackline specific gear and putting together slackline kits, and Balance Community was born. Now, with the proper gear continuing to be developed and the sport of slackline progressing further and further with each new development, there is no limit to what one can do on a slackline!

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