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Product Availability

There are various places on the website where you can see the stock levels of our products. Our shop is configured in a way that if is product is out of stock, it will not be visible in our catalog. So, if you notice a product is missing from the shop, it's likely that we are out of stock on that particular item. Check back in a few days to see if we have received more.

We have two locations on the product page that indicate different things about the level of stock of our products:

  1. The Availability of the product - Circled in Red. This shows the availability of the product. If the product is in stock, it will read "In Stock". Otherwise, the product will not be visible in the shop.
  2. Low Stock Indicator - Circled in Blue. This shows when there is low stock on an item. The level at which this shows depends on the product and how popular it is.

Product Stock Level

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