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Balance Community: Slackline Outfitters is the premier online retailer of high quality slackline and highline equipment and number one source for slackline information
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About Balance Community

Balance Community is a leader in designing and providing high quality slackline equipment to the dedicated slackliners of the world. With more than 7 years of experience in the slackline market, we have grown with the community. Our wide range of products covers all aspects of slacklining, from beginner to professional.

A full warehouse for Balance Community

Balance Community has been in business since August of 2009 and has 2 employees working hard to provide you with the right gear for your slacklining needs. In that time, we have helped many many slackliners around the world build a slackline kit that will last them years to come. Our warehouse in Davis, CA is full of a variety of slacklining products ranging from a basic slackline kit to custom slackline kits that are good for lines up to 2000 feet in length! Not only do we provide a high quality product, but our customer service is unmatched. Our Founder & CEO, Jerry Miszewski, is one of the most skilled and knowledgable people in the slackline world today. He is always available to answer any and all questions you may have about the slackline gear we offer, or anything related to the sport.

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Have Questions about Slacklining?

Our knowledge center contains a wide range of tools and information that will help you understand the seemingly complex aspects of slacklining. You can also find a variety of tools to help you dial in the optimal setup for the equipment that you have.

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Still Need Help?

One of our goals here at Balance Community is to provide our customer base with the knowledge they need to setup the slacklines that they want to setup. If you are having trouble finding the answers to your questions in our Knowledge Center, we will most certainly be glad to help you find these answers! Shoot us an email or give us a call through our Customer Service Portal below.

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