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Slackline Associations

Slackline Associations Organized groups around the world dedicated to furthering our wonderful sport in different ways. From access to knowledge, these groups are here to help our sport grow into a more recognized activity around the world.
  • Slackline U.S.

    Slackline U.S.

    Mission Statement

    Slackline U.S. aims to assist in access management for the slackline community, encourage conservation, and foster safe practices in all forms of slacklining through education and community development.

    The primary focus of Slackline U.S. is to support the slackline community. We do this by assisting with access management, consolidating gear and rigging knowledge and providing rigging educational resources, coordinating efforts of local groups and providing organizational support, developing youth outreach programs, and connecting with the International Slackline Association.

    To support, sign-up for a membership, and learn more about Slackline U.S., visit their website at http://slackline.us.

  • International Slackline Association (ISA)

    International Slackline Association

    The ISA is a grassroots effort created by a collection of slackliners from around the world who are passionate about the community, sharing resources, and promoting slacklining in all forms.

    Mission Statement

    The International Slackline Association aims to support and develop the slackline community, protect access, enhance communication and informational resources, and increase the safety of all forms of slacklining worldwide.


    The ISA is composed of a Board of Directors and a General Assembly consisting of delegates from our National Association Members.

    To support, sign-up for a membership, and learn more about the International Slackline Association, visit their website at http://slacklineinternational.org/.

Please Note: It is now possible to donate to both of these associations when purchasing from Balance Community! Simply choose which association you would like to donate to in the Association Donation box in the shopping cart. All donations collected through Balance Community will be funneled to the appropriate association at the end of the current month.

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