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External Resources

External Resources External websites and information for furthering your slackline skill and knowledge. From line location maps to community discussion forums, find a wealth of information on these Balance Community approved external slackline resources.
  • SlackMap


    SlackMap is a web application for tracking, uploading, and categorized slackline spots around the world. With an easy to use interface and a growing number of users, finding and sharing new slackline spots has never been easier.

    To start looking for and adding new slackline locations near you, visit their website at https://slackmap.com.

  • Slackline Festivals

    Slackline Festivals

    Slackline Festivals is a community run website to track and share information about all the slacklining festivals around the world. Whether you are looking to host a festival at a rad new spot or are looking for info on any upcoming events, Slackline Festivals is the place for you!

    To get info about any upcoming festivals or to add details about your slackline event, visit their website at http://www.slacklinefestivals.com.

  • SlackLink


    SlackLink is a community run website containing heaps of wiki articles and tools for furthering your information on slacklining. There are a number of tools for locating local slackliners and slackline spots around you as well as info on various aspects of slackline and highline rigging.

    To get info about a variety of slackline subjects, visit their website at http://slacklink.org.

  • SlackChat Facebook Group

    SlackChat Facebook Group

    SlackChat is an open Facebook group with more than 7,000 members from around the globe. In this group you will find questions, answers, pictures, information, and a lot more on all sorts of slacklining related subjects. It's a fantastic resource for getting your questions answered by a number of knowledgable slackliners from all around the world.

    To join SlackChat and start getting some of your technical slacklining questions answers, visit the website here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/slackchat.

  • Slackline Tricks Encyclopedia

    Slackline Tricks Encyclopedia

    Slackline tricks encyclopedia is a detailed list of more than 60 slackline stunts, all with a picture, video and short description. They are organized according to their difficulty from beginner to expert so no matter what you skill level is, you'll find some good inspiration.

    If you would like to start to start with tricklining or just find new stuff for your repertoire, visit http://slackline.hivefly.com/slackline-tricks-encyclopedia/.

  • Slack Physics

    Slack Physics

    Being is like walking on a highline across the void of nothingness and yet the opposites are in harmony and serve to define one another. As Heraclitus put it: "παλίντροπος ἁρμονίη ὅκωςπερ τόξου καὶ λύρης." Balancing is a fundamental process in nature and is achieved through dynamic equilibrium. Thus, it is not a surprise that the latter is also a key concept transecting human art and science. After all, studying slacklines may be more than it seems.

    If you would like to explore the world of slackline physics with various tools and concepts, visit http://slackbro.pythonanywhere.com/.

  • Slackline.co.uk


    Slackline.co.uk was started by some UK based Slackliners who wanted to share their own experience of learning the ropes of Slacklining. The site is a reference source showing beginners how to take those first steps on the line right through to throwing some tricks on the Trickline. Also covered is an explanation of the various bits of kit required for different disciplines within the sport and how to stay safe whilst slacking.

    Check it out: https://slackline.co.uk .

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