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BC Snatch 2.2

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A unique and versatile slackline webbing grip device with intuitive usage and excellent handling.

  • Extremely Compact - So small, it even fits in your pocket!

  • Lightweight - Just 106 grams of gripping power

  • Efficient and Easy to Use - Functions easily and grips your line efficiently.

  • Made In Russia

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Introducing the BC Snatch 2.2, a small, efficient, and versatile webbing grip device for soft pointing and tensioning your slackline webbing. In collaboration with our friend Kolya Shalnov from Russia, we bring you the next generation of webbing grip devices. The BC Snatch is a super easy to use webbing grip that's small enough to fit in your pocket!

The two gripping plates on the BC Snatch 2.2 are made from CNC'd Aluminum 7075 with Vibram Rubber Sheets epoxied on the bottom. The top and bottom plates of the device come with beautiful webbing guide tracks that help align your slackline webbing while tensioning.

The Dyneema loop that passes through the device is spliced in such a way that there are multiple configurations for using it. You can orient a connector either vertically or horizontally, depending on how you attach it to the Dyneema Loop on the device. This Dyneema loop passes through both the top and bottom plates on the BC Snatch and is guided by a beautiful CNC'd track allowing for efficient grabbing of the slackline webbing.

To operate the device, simply unhook the main loop on the Dyneema Loop from the Side Hook. Swing open the top plate, put around your slackline webbing, and close the plate back, putting the Main Loop back over the Side Hook. Simple and doable with a single hand.

Welcome to the future of webbing grips!

Made in Russsia.


MBS 30.0 kN (6,744 lbf)
WLL 5.0 kN (1,124 lbf)
Weight 106 g (3.74 oz.)





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