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BC Sewn Loop

An innovative and useful way to anchor your slackline webbing. The BC Sewn Loop consists of 2 cascading sewn loops at the end of your slackline webbing that you can use for main and backup anchors. Requires the purchase of a slackline webbing. May not be purchased as a standalone product and may not be applied to previously purchased or non-Balance Community webbing.

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Please Note - This is an add-on product. You must purchase a piece of slackline webbing with this item. We can only sew loops on new slackline webbings from our shop. We are not able to sew loops on used, previously purchased, or non-Balance Community webbings.

Only available for 1" Slackline Webbing. Please select a Slackline Webbing when purchasing this item.

The ultimate termination point for your slackline webbing, the BC Sewn Loop is a unique and bomber way to anchor your slackline. This sewn end comes with 2 cascading sewn loops at the end of your slackline webbing. The main sewn loop is for anchoring the slackline, the second loop is for backup purposes. Simply attach the second loop to a second anchor or backup system in order to backup the main loop and main anchor system.

The following are characteristics of the BC Sewn Loop:

  • Sewn loops made in-house with quality materials
  • Tested and optimized to hold a minimum of 80% of the MBS for any Slackline Webbing from Balance Community
  • Both main and backup sewn loops are made from 8 bartacks constructed with 138-lbs Bonded Polyester thread
  • Available to purchase for one or both ends of your slackline webbing

Compatible with the following shackles:

  • BC Shackle - On the pin or bow
  • 7/16" Bow Shackle - On the pin or bow
  • 7/16" Dee Shackle - On the pin only
  • Van Beest 5/8" Bolt-Type Shackle - On the pin or bow
  • Van Beest 1/2" Anchor Shackle - On the bow only
  • Van Beest 7/16" Anchor Shackle - On the bow only
    • Designed, tested, and sewn in-house at our Maryland warehouse.


MBS 80% of Webbing MBS
WLL Same WLL as the Sewn Webbing
Weight NA





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