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BC Primitive PRO Slackline Kit

  • Includes equipment for lines up to 64m (205 feet) long

  • Optimized for the quick learner or aspiring longliner

  • Uses a primitive system to tension the line

  • A fantastic kit for someone looking for lots of room to grow or to take their setup to the next level

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No longer includes a Primitive Tensioning Strap. Instead, the primitive system will use the walking webbing.

The all new BC Primitive PRO Slackline Kit is the perfect kit for the aspiring or traveling longliner. It comes with everything you need to rig lines up to 175 feet or 205 feet (53 - 62m) long at moderate tensions. This kit is extremely modular and can easily be travelled with.

The following components are included with this kit:

  • 165 - 200ft (50 - 60m) of your choice of webbing - With a sewn loop on one end
  • 2x 8 ft Adjustable Anchor Slings
  • 1x BC SS Shackles
  • 6x Omega Pacific Oval Carabiners
  • 1x Pull-Squared Multiplier Kit
  • 1x Small Steel Ring
  • 1x Medium Steel Ring
  • 1x Pair of TreeLite tree protectors

Whether you are an avid longliner looking for an easy travel kit or an aspiring slackliner looking to get into longer lines, the BC Primitive PRO Slackline Kit is the kit for you!


MBS 20.0 kN (4,500 lbs)
WLL 4.0 kN (900 lbs)
Weight Depends on Webbing Selection




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