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BC Classic Longline Kit

  • Includes equipment to setup lines up to 75m (250 feet) long

  • A wonderful first longline kit with a wide variety of webbing options to choose from

  • Uses pulley system for tensioning

  • Launch yourself into the world of longlining with the BC Classic Longline Kit

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Introducing the all new BC Classic Longline Kit. This kit is a 250 foot (75m) longline kit that comes with all the gear you need, including our signature TreeLite Tree Protectors!

In this kit, you will receive the following gear:

Main Gear

  • 250 feet (75m) of your choice of our 4 specialty slackline webbings with a BC Sewn Loop on One End
  • A set of the Classic SBI Pulleys
  • 50 - 120 ft of 7/16" Sterling SuperStatic 2 Rope (length depends on webbing selection)
  • 2x 8 foot Blue Spansets
  • 1x Pair of BC TreePRO Tree Protectors
  • Your choice of either a 1/2" Shackle Line-Locker or Alpine WebLock 4.0 for the tensioning end
  • Rigging Gear

    With the BC Classic Longline Kit, you will be able to setup longlines from 10 - 250 feet long with no additional gear needed. This is a fantastic kit for the introductory longliner and traveling slackliner that likes to have a full kit at their disposal.

    All gear that is included with the BC Classic Longline Kit is high quality and can be used for many years to come. Many of the components will work for even longer lines if and when you decide to take that step.

    Designed, constructed, and manufactured in the US.

    Setup Instructions:


MBS 20 - 42 kN (4,500 - 9,450 lbf)
WLL 4.0 - 8.4 kN (900 - 1,890 lbf)
Weight 18 - 27 lbs (8.2 - 12.3 kg)




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