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Alpine WebLock 4.0

The all new Alpine WebLock 4.0, a new standard for webbing anchors. Beautiful 2 piece design with pure versatile geometry. With a huge anchor hole, it's compatible with most standard connectors. Rounded edges, smooth pre-tensioning, this webbing anchor is what dreams are made of. Built by dedicated slackliners for the dedicated slackliners. Free shipping in the US

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The Alpine WebLock 4.0 (AWL 4.0) is the next generation webbing anchor with a whole new design with added versatility. This new iteration of the AWL is the most advanced design we've had yet. With a massive anchor hole that doesn't make the device huge, but adds the ability to work with a variety of different connectors. Never before has a webbing anchor been so versatile. Built by dedicated slackliners for dedicated slackliners.

We have taken the design from the original Alpine WebLock and added a few new key features. Our main focus was versatility and ease-of-use with the new design. We wanted a webbing anchor which would work with all 1" webbings and would be able to connect to any anchor or tensioning system out there. What we ended up with was exactly this.

We have increased the size of the anchor hole to accommodate more than just the 1/2" Bow Shackle. The anchor hole will now accommodate the 7/16" Bow Shackle, 7/16" Dee Shackle, our whole line of Van Beest Shackles, any oval or modified-D shaped carabiner, directly to spansets, directly to static rope anchors, and our Soft Shackles! This means you can attach the AWL 4.0 to a variety of things without any issues.

We have also updated the design of the center diverter on the AWL 4.0. The whole device is machined out of two solid blocks of aluminum, so the center diverter is physically unable to rotate. This allows the webbing to have higher friction within the device which will decrease the chance of slipping. In our tests, all the webbings we broke in the device held their full strength without any signs of slippage.

With this newly redesigned center diverter, we were able to remove some material and tighten up the section of the device where webbing is in contact. This results in easier pre-tensioning and more room for more webbing. You can easily double-wrap any of our webbings without any problems (or rig double or triple lines without issue).

This redesign with a huge anchor hole and more room for webbing did not make the device bigger! In fact, the only area where the AWL increased in size was under the anchor hole. Because of this, we were able to keep the compact size of the AWL while make it much more versatile.

The AWL 4.0 is the most versatile webbing anchor on the market with a tried and true design that is perfect for the dedicated slackliner looking to anchor their slackline webbing.

Made in USA


MBS 60.0 kN (13,600 lbf)
WLL 12.0 kN (2,698 lbf)
Weight 335 g (11.8 oz)

In The Bag

Alpine WebLock 4.0 Parts
  • 1x Alpine WebLock 4.0
  • 1x Front Pin with Lanyard
  • 1x Instruction Manual


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