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Aero 2

  • High Strength - The perfect line for highlines

  • LineSkin Resin Coating - Extremely high abrasion resistance

  • Pillowed Edges - The softest webbing you'll ever feel

  • High Contrast Colors - Perfect for detecting twists

LineSkin Resin Coating

LineSkin Resin Coating

LineSkin is a nano resin coating that we apply to some of the webbings in the BC Shop. It's an incredibly resistant coating that protects the webbing from abrasion, weathering, and general wear and tear. It adds a bit of cost to your line and sometimes it's hard to justify.

A list of benefits of LineSkin:

  • Increases abrasion resistance by up to 80%
  • Repels dirt particles
  • Repels moisture
  • Provides a more stable walking surface on the webbing
  • Increases the rigidity of the webbing
  • Increases the grip of the webbing
  • And more!

For more information on LineSkin Resin coating, check out this knowledge article: The Benefits of LineSkin Resin Coating

TruRound Rounded Edges

TruRound Rounded Edges

TruRound Rounded Edges is a new edge profile that we apply to a variety of slackline webbings in the BC Shop. It's constructed with a Shuttle Loom which enables both edges to have a large radius without any catch cords or sharpness. This feature ensures a soft edge even under high tensions.

A list of benefits of TruRound:

  • Soft edge profile, even under high tensions
  • Both edges are rounded for better abrasion resistance
  • No risk of catch cords coming loose
  • A more balance weave structure across the entire width

TruRound Rounded Edges are a great feature for your slackline webbing!

Bi-Color Weave Pattern

Bi-Color Weave Pattern

The bi-color weave pattern allows for easy twist detection on your longlines by having a different color on each of the faces of the webbing. This is great for finding flat on big lines or changing up the look of your line with each rig.

A list of benefits of the Bi-Color Weave Pattern:

  • Incredibly easy twist detection
  • Change up the feel of the line by turning it over
  • Contrasting colors for a variety of locations
  • High visibility when line flutters in the wind
  • And more!
FeatherSoft Weave Pattern

FeatherSoft Weave Pattern

This weave of this webbing is soft as a feather! Even under high tensions, the webbing feels like pillows under your feet. A great feature to have when spending a lot of time on the line.

A list of benefits of FeatherSoft Weave Pattern:

  • Tight weave that remains soft under tension
  • Tight weave ensures no snags when pulling your line across
  • Easy on the hands when flaking webbing in and out
  • And more!
Pillowed Edges

Pillowed Edges

The Pillowed Edge design is a revolutionary weaving structure that allows for the edges of a slackline webbing to remain soft, even when the line is under tension.

A list of benefits of the Pillowed Edge design:

  • Increases edge softness, even while under tension (up to the WLL of the webbing)
  • Edges mold to your hand when grabbing the webbing, even under tension
  • Slight increase in thickness at the edges conforms to your foot while walking
  • And more!

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Balance Community



Introducing the all new Aero 2 from Balance Community. We took an entirely new approach with Aero 2 in terms of weave structure in order to obtain one of the nicest to walk slackline webbings in the world. Aero 2 features a lightweight construction of just 62 g/m with the all new Pillowed Edges edge profile. This new Pillowed Edges design gives Aero 2 the softest edges - even under tension! While tensioned to it's full working load limit, the edges of Aero 2 compress under a small amount of force. This makes Aero 2 fantastic for highlines as the edges will mold under the force of your fingers when you grab on! No more cutting up your legs and hands when catching on highlines!

Not only does Aero 2 have Pillowed Edges, but it's also woven with TruRound! No seems on either edge, just pure pillowed loveliness!

On top of the amazing edge profile, Aero 2 comes standard with LineSkin Resin Coating, a protective skin that ensures a long lifespan and a cleaner piece of webbing. LineSkin literally repels dirt and water, which makes Aero 2 great for any and all conditions!

Finally, we modified the color scheme of Aero slightly to make twist detection even easier. Aero 2 now comes with blue edges on one face and orange edges on the other face.

With an optimized weave, low weight, and protective coating, Aero 2 is a fantastic slackline webbing for longlines, highlines, and waterlines alike. A must for any dedicated slackliner.

Designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA.


MBS 31.1 kN (7,000 lbf)
WLL 6.2 kN (1,400 lbf)
Weight 62 g/m (4.17 lbs/100 ft.)






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