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Adjustable Anchor Webbing

The all new Adjustable Anchor Webbing is an extremely versatile webbing that allows you to create any length sling that you need by providing anchor holes every 3". With many different configurations, this is an extremely great product for anchoring your slacklines.

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Product Name Stock Price Qty
1.0m Sling - (3.3 feet) 999999
1.5m Sling - (5.0 feet) 999999
2.0m Sling - (6.6 feet) 999995
2.5m Sling - (8.2 feet) 999997
3.0m Sling - (10.0 feet) 99800
4.0m Sling - (13.2 feet) 999998
5.0m Sling - (16.5 feet) 99838
6.0m Sling - (19.8 feet) 999997
Custom Length - By the Meter 999999
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The all new Adjustable Anchoring webbing is an exciting new product from Balance Community that has a ton of potential for making your anchor slings easy to manage and more versatile. This unique webbing is a woven adjustable anchor sling that has anchor holes every 3" to make choosing a length for your slings a thing of the past. The unique weave structure of this webbing allows you to pass a shackle through any of the anchor holes in a variety of configurations to allow for any length sling you can imagine.

One of the best configurations for this new sling material is the woven loop at the end. If you pass the end of the webbing through itself 4 times, you end up with a full strength loop. You can take this a step further and weave the two ends together and make a double strength loop of 20,000 lbf! Beyond that, there are hundreds of ways to use this webbing to anchor your line.

Not only is this a great sling material, it also makes for great adjustable aiders! Having clip points every 3 inches allows you to make micro adjustments as you are aid climbing.

The Adjustable Anchor Webbing is a great sling material for the fast and light slackliner that needs a way to anchor their lines to a variety of tree sizes and doesn't want to carry several different sizes of slings.


MBS 44.48 kN (10,000 lbf)
Material Nylon (Polyamide)
Weight 100 g/m (6.75 lbs/100 ft.)


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