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High-Tech Rope

High Tech fiber ropes used for anchoring and other high-strength applications.

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  • Amsteel 78

    6 Review(s)
    • Exceptionally Strong - Made from Dyneema 78 (UHMWPE), a very light and super strong material.
    • Ultra Lightweight - The lightest weight rope material you will find.
    • Versatile - Make soft shackles, whoopie slings, and all sorts of rigging tools with this material.
    • Sold by the meter - Two sizes available
    The perfect rope for building handy rigging tools! Learn More
    MBS Varies with Size
    Material Dyneema SK-78
    Weight Varies with Size

    Starting at: $4.40

  • Selma Fid

    4 Review(s)
    An excellent tool for splicing 12-strand and double-braid ropes. Made from polished stainless steel with a line-catch on the inside to make splicing easier than ever before! Learn More

    Starting at: $9.90

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