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Tape for various applications in your slackline rigging. Great for taping your highline webbings together, taping your wind dampeners to your slackline, or taping things down at your anchor points.

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  • White Vinyl Tape

    A strong tape that is perfect for taping your highlines.

    • Long - 60 ft (18.3m) of material, easily enough for a 100m highline
    • Perfect Color - Holds well under the hot sun
    • No Residue - Even after long use, there is no residue left on your line
    • Strong Material - Quality Vinyl hold up well after much abuse
    Learn More
    Material Vinyl
    Weight 78 g (2.75 oz)
  • Fiber-Reinforced Slackline Tape

    • Ultra Strong - Nearly 180 lbs of strength in a single layer of tape!
    • No Residue - Tape your line knowing that no residue will remain on your line
    • Doesn't Cut - With such a high strength, this tape is nearly impossible to cut or break
    • Large Rolls - Each roll comes with 55m of tape, enough for many highlines.
    The ultimate slackline tape for taping your highlines! Never worry about tapes breaking again. Learn More
  • Filament Tape Cutting Tool

    • Makes Taping Easier - Makes measuring and cutting pieces of tape super fast.
    • Perfect for Fiber Tape - The perfect tool for cutting difficult-to-cut fiber-reinforced tapes
    A hand-held tool for measuring and cutting your highline tapes. Learn More
    Material Plastic with metal knife
    Weight 0.25 lbs

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