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Type 18 MKII

Type 18 MKII

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Introducing Type 18 MKII, the ultimate in slackline webbing. Made from the highest quality nylon 6.6 fibers in the world. Type 18 MKII has changed the game for slackline and highline webbing.

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The new design has our trademarked TruRound™™ rounded edges for the softest catch possible on highlines. With the new seamless weave structure, Type 18 MKII has become even more supple than before.

Now with edge marker yarns to easy twist detection. One edge has a red polyester fiber and the other has a black to make it easy to find flat when setting highlines.

Now with the option to have our Trademarked LineSkin™™ resin coating, Your Webbing's First Line of Defense. This new resin coating increases the abrasion resistance of your line by as much as 20%, thus increasing the lifespan significantly. The new resin coating adds only 1.5% of weight to the line, but increases the durability in a drastic way. LineSkin™™ also repels moisture from your line, allowing you to setup in moist conditions without your nylon fibers absorbing any moisture. This will prevent your line from growing mildew and increase the lifespan even further. LineSkin™™ is an excellent choice for those interested in using their webbing for highlines or more often than average.

Type 18 MKII is available in three colors: Natural, Blue, and Green. Each color has the option to have LineSkin™™ or no LineSkin™™. Please make your selections above.

The Price is per ft. Continuous lengths up to 1,000 ft. (300 meters) are possible. All lengths are assumed to be continuous. If you would like custom cuts, please indicate so in the comments section during checkout.

Made in USA.


Specification Description
The above data is subject to tolerances.
Width:1" (25.4mm)
Thickness:0.119" (3.02mm)
Material:Nylon 6.6
Minimum Breaking Strength:35.6kn (8,000 lbf)
Suggested WLL:7.1kn (1,600 lbf)
Weight (no LineSkin™™):62 g/m (4.17 lbs/100 ft.)
Weight (with LineSkin™™):63 g/m (4.23 lbs/100 ft.)


Force Stretch
The above data is subject to tolerances.
500 lbf (2.22 kN)2.61%
1,000 lbf (4.45 kN)7.13%
1,500 lbf (6.67 kN)9.98%
2,000 lbf (8.90 kN)12.5%
Slack Science Posts
Standing Tension Versus Working Tension
Field Tests
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LineSkin Resin Coating
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TruRound Rounded Edges
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