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Spider Silk MKII™

Spider Silk MKII™

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Introducing the new Spider Silk MKII! The most advanced slackline webbing on the planet. With several features designed to improve the life-span as well as the overall strength and durability of the webbing.

One of the main things that was emphasized during the development of Spider Silk MKII was the strength. We wanted to make a webbing that was as strong as possible while keeping the weight below a certain amount. We were able to come up with a webbing that is capable of holding a minimum of 15,000 lbf! This strength is due to several things.

The primary reason why this webbing is so strong is because we only use the finest Vectran HS fibers gotten directly from the producer in Japan. We use a special method that consists of twisting 2 monofilments together to form a 2-ply grouping, which increases both the strength and the abrasion resistance of the raw fibers. This also ensures that single strands of fibers will not be torn out from the weave if the webbing were to be caught on something.

Another reason why we are achieving such high strengths with this webbing is because we have achieved a perfectly balanced weave. When loading the raw fibers onto the reel for weaving, each strand is individually checked to ensure it is under the exact same tension as the other strands. This means that when weaving, every single strand will lay exactly the same as the other strands. So when the webbing is under tension, each fiber will be perfectly equalized with the other fibers. This elminates a lot of the problems with less than expected breaking values that happen quite frequently in long strands of Polyester webbings.

To top that off, we have a dedicated weaver standing next to the weaving machine while Spider Silk MKII is being woven, to ensure that no weaving errors occur. This allows us to get extremely long lengths with zero errors. Lengths of well beyond 3,000 ft with no errors are definitely within our capabilities.

Not only have we maximized the strength of Spider Silk MKII, but we have achieved the highest possibly abrasion resistance. After Spider Silk MKII is woven it goes through a resin treatment process, which consists of running the webbing through a chemical bath which coats the webbing in a resin that protects the fibers from abrasion. Abrasion resistance in webbing is very important because often times our lines are susceptible to strange abrasions that could severly damage the line. This resin coating protects Spider Silk MKII from these situations. This coating also adds a nice grip to the webbing, which helps with walking.

To add to these features, we have added a bit of color to Spider Silk MKII. One edge contains 2 strands of black polyester and the other edge contains 2 strands of red polyester to help with twist detection. This is especially helpful when rigging longer lines and highlines, where detecting twists is very difficult. The colors were kept to the absolute minimum to ensure no wasted weight was in the webbing.

The Price is per foot. Continuous lengths up to 3,000 ft. are possible. Please indicate whether or not you would like your piece to be continuous.

Made in USA.


Specification Description
The above data is subject to tolerences.
Width:1" (25.4mm)
Thickness:0.1006" (2.555 mm)
Material:Vectran HS Fibers with Polyester Colored Edges
Average Breaking Strength:67kn (15,000 lbf)
Suggested WLL:13.4 kN (3,000 lbf)
Weight:48 g/m (3.23 lbs/100 ft.)


Force Stretch
The above data is subject to tolerences.
1,000 lbf1.600%
2,000 lbf2.100%
3,000 lbf2.500%
4,000 lbf3.100%
5,000 lbf3.400%
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