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Slack Science, the slackline laboratory

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Slack Science, powered by Balance Community: Slackline Outfitters, is a blog run by Jerry Miszewski about slacklining. He offers tips and tricks to various parts of setting-up, taking down, in-depth looks at various aspects of a setup, and hints at walking slacklines.

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Jerry's long history with the sport of slackline has given him a wealth of knowledge that he loves to share with his fellow slackliners. Slack Science is a place anyone and everyone to come and learn about our wonderful sport of slacklining.

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Threaded webbing An in-depth tutorial on how to thread a piece of slackline webbing. Article written by BC PRO-Team Athlete Jan Galek.

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Efficiently Packing for longlines. Part two in a series of articles about efficiently rigging your longline. In this article and video, we will be discussing the method in which you can rig your longline in order to save the most time and get the most efficiency out of your setup.

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Standing Tension versus Working Tension Guest article by Sayar Kuchenski on the relation of Standing Tension versus Working Tension with different webbing types.

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Measuring Your Slackline Length A quick tip about determining how much pulley system you need to properly tension your slackline.

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BC LineBag An in-depth video about the BC LineBag: What it is, why you need one, and how to use it to its full potential.

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Introducing LineSkin™ Your Webbing's First Line of Defense. A new resin coating for webbings that yields significant abrasion resistance and increased lifespan for your webbing.

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Introducing TruRound™ Rounded Edges, a new feature available in select webbings that gives the lines a truly round edge.

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