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Slack Science, the slackline laboratory

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Slack Science, powered by Balance Community: Slackline Outfitters, is a blog run by Jerry Miszewski about slacklining. He offers tips and tricks to various parts of setting-up, taking down, in-depth looks at various aspects of a setup, and hints at walking slacklines.

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Jerry's long history with the sport of slackline has given him a wealth of knowledge that he loves to share with his fellow slackliners. Slack Science is a place anyone and everyone to come and learn about our wonderful sport of slacklining.

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Pulley efficiency is critical to a high-performing tensioning system. We find that switching from a mid-grade pulley setup to the PMPs will yield a moderate to significant increase in system efficiency and net mechanical advantage.

Tests done and article written by Slack Science Guest Author Sayar Kuchenski

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The first article in a series that explains the various components of your slackline pulley system. This article is about the characteristics present in your main pulleys, the powerhouse behind your tensioning system. Read on for information on the different things to consider when purchasing your first (or next) set of pulleys for your tightening system.

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