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RAGEline™ & RAGElock™

RAGEline™ & RAGElock™

Price: $339.95


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The all new RAGEline from BC. The Ultimate Trickline Webbing


The ultimate trickline webbing package! Included in this kit is 60 - 120 feet of RAGEline Trickline Webbing and two (2) RAGElock's. With this kit you can safely rig your RAGEline to some extreme tensions to get the maximum air. Buying this kit will save you money compared to getting the components separately.

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It's finally here, after nearly a year of tweaking and perfecting: The Balance Community RAGEline 1.25" Trickline Webbing. This webbing has been engineered for trickline perfection!

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The RAGEline is made from a hybrid type webbing where the outer sheath is 100% Polyester and the inner core is 100% Nylon. This allows the RAGEline to have very low stretch, but an extreme amount of power. For an example of just how powerful this webbing can be, take a look at the photo below. BC PRO-Team Athlete demonstrates a common trick on the RAGEline and Type-18 webbing. Check out the height gained from the RAGEline compared to a Type-18 line. The difference is astonishing. This is due mostly to the hybrid style structure of the RAGEline as well as the added weight. The RAGEline really is the ultimate in tricklines!

Trickline Webbing Comparison

The RAGEline has a unique weave structure that allows both edges to to be perfectly rounded. No longer will you have to worry about cutting yourself on the sharp sewn edge that most standard webbings have. Also, the webbing has a resin coating applied to it in order to lengthen the lifetime of the line. With this resin coating, you can RAGE on your line as hard as you want without having to worry about it becoming worn out quickly.

In addition to the amazing weave structure, the RAGEline comes in a unique color combination: Blue with Red edges. This gives the RAGEline a very high visibility while tricklining, which is great for those big rotations where spotting the line can sometimes be difficult.

Having built the RAGEline primarily for tricklining, we accidentally created a line that is also fantastic for highline training! Because of how this line tensions with roughly 70% of the force being held by the outter line, the core acts like a backup line would on a highline, mimicking the feel of the heavier highline style rigs. This is fantastic for those who like to double up there lines for training! This is not to say that you should use the RAGEline as a single highline! You must ALWAYS backup your lines when highlining, no matter what kind of webbing you use!

To anchor the RAGEline, we strongly recommend the new RAGElock! It's an Alpine WebLock built especially for 1.25" lines.

Made in USA.


Specification Description
The above data is subject to tolerences.
Total Weight:104 g/m (7.0 lbs/100 ft.)
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS):42 kN (9,500 lbf)
Width:1-1/4" (32mm)
Material:Polyester Sheath, Nylon Core
Color:Blue with Red Edges.


Force Stretch
The above data is subject to tolerences.
1 kN (224.8 lbf)0.58%
2 kN (449.6 lbf)1.27%
3 kN (674.4 lbf)1.82%
4 kN (899.2 lbf)2.50%
5 kN (1,124.0 lbf)3.25%
6 kN (1,348.8 lbf)4.34%
7 kN (1,573.6 lbf)5.17%
8 kN (1,798.4 lbf)5.94%
9 kN (2,023.2 lbf)6.67%
10 kN (2,248.0 lbf)7.34%
11 kN (2,472.8 lbf)7.76%
12 kN (2,697.6 lbf)8.31%


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