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SMC 3" Double PMP SMC 3
Price: $125.00
RAGEline™ Fixed Lengths RAGEline™ Fixed Lengths
Retail Price: $1.75 Price: $0.70
Pull² Multiplier Kit Pull² Multiplier Kit
Price: $99.95
Type 18 MKII Type 18 MKII
Price: $0.79
BC Primitive Slackline Kit BC Primitive Slackline Kit
Price: $109.95
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New Slackline Kits!
HUGE Sale on RAGEline!
Mantra MKIII™
New Products for a New Year
Announcing an all new Pulley System and Slackline Kit to the shop: The Versatile Pulley System and Versatile Slackline Kit with your choice of slackline webbing. These kits are the top notch slackline kits that are built for the dedicated slackliner from the ground up! After years of development and testing, we can say with all honesty that this is the best slackline kit you can get for slacklines up to 500 feet in length. Check em out!
Announcing the biggest sale we have ever had! We are offering a whopping 40% off all RAGEline Fixed Lengths. There aren't many left, so grab them while they are available! In addition to this, we have HUGE savings on the RAGEline + RAGElock Kits, up to $120 off! Grab these items while they still available!
Introduction Mantra MKIII™: Supple, Strong, Stable - Longline Perfection! A brand new webbing designed specifically for ultra long slacklines. Now with an incredibly supple and stable weave design that makes the walking experience even more enjoyable. With vibrant colored edges, detecting twists in the line while rigging has never been easier! Grab yourself a piece and enjoy the ride! Check out this amazing new webbing here: Mantra MKIII.
With the new year, we have 3 new products and 2 new features to add to our lineup. First, we have Aero, our all new lightweight, low-stretch, polyester webbing. Next, we have Type 18 MKII, the newly redesigned Type 18 which packs an even higher breaking strength, edge markers for easy twist detection, TruRound rounded edges, and an optional LineSkin resin coating. Lastly, we have the Alpine WebLock 3.0 (AWL3.0), which has a breadth of new features that will aid you in your slackline setup. Checkout all the new products in the shop here: New Products.

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Slackline Kit Builder

Titen Series Custom Slackline Kit Builder

Build your own slackline kit by selecting individual components. Relevant Slack Science articles are referenced to help you select what components are best for your kit.

Favorite Color Slackline Webbing?

Red - 0%
Blue - 12.8%
Green - 17.9%
White - 28.2%
Black - 0%
Yellow - 2.6%
Purple - 15.4%
Tan - 2.6%
Orange - 15.4%
Other - 5.1%

Total votes: 39

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