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Introducing Aero, a brand new lightweight polyester webbing from Balance Community. A game changing webbing with some amazing features that make it a fantastic webbing for both longlines and highlines.

Aero has our trademarked TruRound™™ rounded edges for the softest catch possible on highlines. With the new seamless weave structure, along with a super-fine weave, Aero has become one of the most supple slackline webbings out there.

Aero has beautiful colors to make it stand out against any background. One edge is bright orange and the other is bright blue to make it easy to find twists when setting longlines and highlines.

Now with the option to have our Trademarked LineSkin™™ resin coating, Your Webbing's First Line of Defense. This new resin coating increases the abrasion resistance of your line by as much as 20%, thus increasing the lifespan significantly. The new resin coating adds only 1.5% of weight to the line, but increases the durability in a drastic way. LineSkin™™ also repels moisture from your line, allowing you to setup in moist conditions without your nylon fibers absorbing any moisture. This will prevent your line from growing mildew and increase the lifespan even further. LineSkin™™ is an excellent choice for those interested in using their webbing for highlines or more often than average.

The Price is per ft. Continuous lengths up to 1,000 ft. (300 meters) are possible. All lengths are assumed to be continuous. If you would like custom cuts, please indicate so in the comments section during checkout.

Made in USA.

Aero Slackline Webbing


Specification Description
The above data is subject to tolerances.
Width:1" (25.4mm)
Thickness:0.100" (2.54mm)
Minimum Breaking Strength:7,500 lbf (33.4 kN)
Suggested WLL:1,500 lbf (6.7 kN)
Weight (no LineSkin™™):59 g/m (3.96 lbs/100 feet)
Weight (with LineSkin™™):60 g/m (4.03 lbs/100 feet)


Force Stretch
The above data is subject to tolerances.
500 lbf (2.22 kN)0.6%
1,000 lbf (4.45 kN)2.2%
1,500 lbf (6.67 kN)6.3%
2,000 lbf (8.90 kN)8.8%
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LineSkin Resin Coating
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Customer Reviews:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Saturday, 31 August 2013)
Rating: 5
I purchased 400ft of this webbing as an easy to rig lightweight longline and although it fits the bill for these things, it's so much more. After
easily rigging 300ft + plus lines you start to realize just how nice this webbing is. It's woven with a very tight weave (similar to type 18 MKII)
and with Tru Round corners so it feels fantastic on the feet. When walking this line the low weight and moderate stretch make for a very controllable
walk while still allowing big bounce walks and dynamic movements. I would highly recommend this webbing over the cheaper generic Euro lines out there,
you will not be disappointed.rnrnThanks for putting the time in to create such fantastic products.rn Branden

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Sunday, 17 March 2013)
Rating: 5
I am very pleased with this webbing, after setting my first highline with it yesterday I have some things that I like about it.rnrnThe rounded edges
of the webbing along with the lineskin coating make the line very gentle and nice for the continuous line grab to not become painful. I forgot my
gloves at one point and was already tied in so I walked and grabbed the line twice on big falls and it was no problem at all. rnrnThe line skin works
very well at protecting the line from all sharp edges and abrasions as stated in the video, and it gives the webbing a nice cushiony feel to it, like
a pillow!rnrnI bought 500 feet and for such an amount of webbing it is surprisingly light weight. I have had no problems transporting such large
amount of webbings from my car to the line location and using only half the amount of webbing. rnrnThe different coloured edges also help greatly to
straighten the line, within seconds I can see if there is any twists.rnrnWould definitely rate to all slackers out there!