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10mm Delta Quicklink

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10mm Delta Zinc-Plated Maillon Rapides are an excellent alternative to carabiners. They are built for three directions of force, which is perfect for anchors. Excellent for connecting pulleys or rigging plates to anchors.

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The 10mm Zinc-Plated Delta Maillon Rapide is a very handy piece of gear to have in your gear stash. With a working load limit of 1,984 lbf and the unique delta shape, these quicklinks are great anchor point for your line. The delta shape allows the quicklink to handle three-directional loads that are experienced at your slackline's anchor point. Another great use for these quicklinks is for attaching spansets to bolts. By putting the pointed end on the bolt and attaching the spanset to the wide base, the spanset sits perfectly centered on the quicklink for optimal loading.

The 10mm Zinc-Plated Delta Maillon Rapide is made from alloy steel which has been plated with Zinc for corrosion resistance. The gate turns very smooth and never locks up even after being under tension for hours on end. This piece of gear is fantastic for attaching your pulleys to the spanset as well as in combination with a rigging plate.


MBS 44.1 kN (9,921 lbf)
WLL 8.8 kN (1,984 lbf)
Material Zinc-Plated Galvanized Steel
Weight 153 g (5.4 oz)




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